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Service Your Customer Now

  • It costs 500% less to keep a customer than to acquire
    a new one.
  • It's the complaints you don't hear that cost you the most business.
  • 96% of unhappy customers will not complain directly
    to you.


SYCN On-Line Surveys offer:

Direct Website Integration

Fast Objective Questionnaire

Additional Comment

Contact Capture

Coupon Integration

Detailed Survey Statistics to Monitor Trends (in Real Time)

Survey Management: Benefits

Increase honest customer feedback

Pinpoint problem spots

Build customer loyalty (retention tool)

Measure employee performance
for recognition

Differentiate your company from
the competition

Demonstrates a commitment to
superior service

Drive traffic to your website

Act on feedback immediately

Collect excellent customer quotes, etc.

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Negative Referral Pascification

Referral Pascification

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Unhappy Customer Reach

The "principled avenger" is your worse nightmare.

Using mass email, blogging and a host of new compliant Internet forums this unhappy customer will reach on average over 150 of your current customers and potential customers before cooling off. Screengrab

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Survey Management Facts

Promoting surveys and feedback options provides a discreet channel for unhappy customers to let off steam and an opportunity for you to neutralize their damaging effect.

Customers should be thought of in terms of their life-time value and their positive or negative marketing effect.

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